About Us

We Build Foggers

We are engaged in Manufacturing, Importing, Exporting & Supplying of Micro Mist Fogger Machine, Microfog Machine, OT Fumigator & Disinfectant Sprayer.

Our Story

Established in 1980, by a group of engineers and scientists, GEPL has established itself as a reputed name over the years in machine- design, innovative products and technology, taking them from concept to commercialisation for industry and research purposes alike. One of the several accomplishments of GEPL in last three decades has been development of superior import substitutions used in aerial and surface disinfection. These include electrically operated fogging machines, pneumatically powered autoclavable fogging machines, pneumatically powered surface disinfectors and other customised disinfection equipment, satisfying the needs of the Pharma, Food, biotech, Life sciences, Tissue Culture, aeroponic & Healthcare industries. Also our range includes: Misting systems, Fog showers in critical mfg systems & Dust suppressors.

Major contribution of GEPL includes development of Special Purpose Machines / gadgets for research students seeking their doctorate degrees in engineering electives. GEPL always strives to innovate & develop competitive technologies to achieve cost effective solutions to persistent engineering problems. The passion to develop new technology and the ongoing thrust to achieve the best quality has made us a popular name among the industry & leading engineering institutions. GEPL adopts mfg practices as per ISO 9001:2008 for excellence, innovative systems & quality control norms, apart from various other recognitions. All our products used in medical applications carry ISO 13485:2016 GEPL is pioneer in introducing disinfection equipments in India two decades ago. It’s not only first but the only company with the title first globally achieving “sub-micron size droplet” of aqueous formulation.

Our Mission

GEPL strives to innovate, develop and adopt new technologies to achieve solutions to persistent engineering problems. The passion to develop new technology and the ongoing thrust to achieve the best quality is our mission.

Our Vision

GEPL’s vision is to be recognised as leaders & an address of repute globally in developing innovative products and import substitutions. GEPL is open for the contract manufacturing of special products.

We Build Foggers

Micro Mist

Micro Mist® Fogger is highly effective on aerial as well as surface disinfection ( as a favorable side effect). The fine droplets evaporate quickly & avoid floor wetting effect. Also it prevents staining on the surfaces. Thus “dry fog” avoids floor wetting effect.


A portable disinfectant sprayer for de-contaminating walls, high ceilings, window-panes & any other surfaces.

The critically classified sterile areas demand de-contamination of the surfaces regularly. The machine is provided with standard lengths of input & output pipes &  pressure release-safety- valve . The input & output tubes are detachable & are autoclavable.

Micro fog Au-20

GEPL has designed autoclavable units considering the abundant availability of pressurized air in Pharma, Food, Biotech industries & life sciences.

MICRO-FOG Au-20® is a double nozzle fogger specially designed to take care of fogging in “High Hazard & Medium Hazard areas”. Factories & warehouses where flammable goods / explosives are manufactured or stored, using flame proof cables, fittings & accessories are mandatory for electrically powered machines. This demands a high capital costs. These areas are deprived of fogging in absence of flameproof fittings & equipments.

Micro fog Au-5

MICRO-FOG Au-5® is a right solution. The product is so versatile & cost effective that many users have standardized even in ordinary hazard areas for the regular use. This portable fogger is manufactured out of special grade Stainless steel. A portable handy unit  can take care of 5000 to 6,000 cubic feet volume.
Higher range facilitates 20,000 to 22,000 cubic feet volumes.

Our Infrastructure

Since the commencement of our corporation, we have strong infrastructure unit. Our advanced technology increases the productivity and performance of the products. We are equipped with a well-developed quality control department, which ensures the effective quality of the products. Together with this, we have the capability to accomplish assignments range from small quantities to large quantities for our entire products.

Units of our infrastructure:

Product design Manufacturing
Quality control Post-production processes
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