Microfog Au 5®

Versatile & Cost Effective

Microfog Au 5 Pneumatic Fogger is the right solution for sterilisation in flame proof clean rooms. The product is versatile, long lasting & cost effective that many users have standardized even in non hazardous areas for the regular use.


Product Specification

Power Source Pneumatic (Compressed Air)
Type Automatic
Usage / Application Aerial Sterilisation in Clean Rooms
Brand Microfog Au 5®
Chemical Tank Capacity 5 Liters
Material of Construction Best Grade Non-magnetic Stainless Steel
Air Pressure Requirement Customised
Air Flow Requirement Customised
Volume Coverage 10,000 Cu Ft
Droplet Size 2 – 4 μm

Microfog Au 5 


Microfog Au 5 Pneumatic Fogger is the best solution for your infection control needs in flame proof areas. The product is so versatile & cost effective that many users have standardized even in ordinary hazard areas for their regular use.

This portable fogger is manufactured out of best grade non-magnetic grade Stainless steel. A portable handy unit  can cover upto 10,000 cubic feet volume.

Validated by a Govt. Institute

Droplet size between 2 – 4 micron.


All materials compatible with disinfectants in the acidic as well as alkaline range (pH 1.5 to 14)


Zero Maintenance and downtime

Stainless Steel

100% machine built in Best grade stainless steel


Medical grade silicon tubing


2.5 Ltrs. X 2 = 5 Ltrs.

State of the art

State of the art Non-magnetic Stainless Steel Nozzle for maximum coverage and efficacy


100% repeatedly autoclavable machine

Dual Nozzle

Dual nozzle for larger coverage


24-month warranty against manufacturing defects

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