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We are offering the best quality in Surface Disinfection Machine, OT Fumigation Machine, Air Disinfection Units, Clean Room Fogger, Microfog Au 5 Pneumatic Fogger, Stainless Steel Sprayer, Fumigation Machine, ULV Fogger, Micro Mist ULV Fogger and many more.

Fogging & Spraying Machines

Micro Mist® Fogger

Micro Mist® is an electrically operated ULV fogger for air sterilisation

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Microfog AU-5®

Microfog Au-5® Pneumatic / Compressed Air operated fogger for aerial sterilisation.

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MICRO FOG Au-20® Pneumatic / Compressed Air operated, Double Nozzle fogger for aerial sterilisation

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AVTech-25® a Portable Disinfectant Sprayer for De-Contaminating Walls High Ceilings, Window – Panes

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